RasPiComm extension voor Raspberry Pi

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RasPiComm I/O Board for Raspberry Pi

RasPiComm is a tiny Input/Output expansion board designed specifically for the Raspberry Pi single-board computer. It provides a variety of serial communications interfaces, a battery backed-up RTC, 5V tolerant digital I/O (The GPIO pins on the Raspberry Pi are limited to 3.3V) and a Thumb joystick.
Full specifications at: http://www.amescon.com/raspicomm.aspx

Compatible with Raspberry Pi 1 Model A, B, A+, B+ and the new Raspberry Pi 2 Model B
RS-485 serial channel up to 230400 baud, pluggable screw terminal connector (A, B, Gnd)
RS-232 serial channel up to 115200 baud, pluggable screw terminal connector (Rx, Tx, Gnd)
RS-485 & RS-232 pins are fully ESD-protected by TVS diodes
Real Time Clock/Calendar, battery included powers the clock for approximately 10 years
5 x digital Inputs connected to on-board thumb joystick (4 way + push), 5V tolerant, 2mm pitch external connector, not populated
2 x digital Outputs, 5V @ 100mA max each, 5V relays can be connected without additional circuitry, 2mm pitch connector, not populated
SPI serial channel connector, 2mm pitch connector, not populated
2 x I2C serial channel connectors
Power connector, pluggable screw terminal connector (+, -) either powers the Raspberry Pi and RasPiComm (5V @ 1.5A max) or is a power output when powered over USB
Power consumption: 10mA max (outputs off), 210mA max (outputs on and maximum rating drawn)
Size: 35.2 x 56mm

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Getting Started guide at: http://www.amescon.com/products/getting-started.aspx (English)
http://www.amescon.com/de/produkte/erste-schritte.aspx (German)

Raspberry Pi

The original Raspberry Pi Model B computer went on sale in February 2012 and set a new standard shattering the dominance of the PC in the home and education markets. Over 3 million boards in the various formats, A, B, A+, B+ and Compute have since been shipped worldwide. The original concept of the Raspberry Pi was for a high-performance computer board providing Internet access with HD graphics at very low cost. The boards provide a platform for children and adults from any background to acquire computer science knowledge and help develop the future World-Wide-Web and the Internet of Things. While the Raspberry Pi boards were designed primarily for education, they have become very popular with manufacturers of embedded systems. In order to support this market, the Raspberry Pi Foundation has ensured backwards compatibilty with each new revision. The bare-bones Compute module is aimed specifically at the OEM manufacturer.


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