USB verbruiksmeter (spanning, stroom, vermogen)

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USB Current & Voltage Capacity Testing Meter w/ 1.2" LCD - Zwart


Compact size, power free, plug and play. Widely being used, suitable for all kinds of phones, electronic devices, testing charging current and voltage of USB power adapter (computer USB, home charger, car charger) to judge whether the performance of the charger and the performance of the charging line meets the requirements. Easy to operate, suitable for factory, exhibition presentation, laboratory and customers.
1. Can testing floating voltage and load voltage of USB power supply, working voltage and current of USB terminal equipment;
2. Current, voltage loop display.
Voltage: 4~20V+/-1%;
Current: 0~3.3A+/-1%;
Capacity value: 0~99999mAh;
Testing time: 0~99H;
Support auto store data when power off, long press side button to reset time and capacity value. 


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